Conservation Voters statement on today’s drop box ruling

Jan 13, 2022

WAUKESHA – This afternoon, a Waukesha County judge changed the rules on ballot drop boxes in Wisconsin. This is yet another court case launched by radical conservative think tank Wisconsin Institute of Law and Liberty (WILL) designed to curtail options for all Wisconsinites to vote.

Executive Director Kerry Schumann had this to say on today’s decision:

“In a democracy, it’s important that every eligible voter has access to the ballot. Since 2011, radical forces in the state have made it their mission to take away options for citizens to vote. As the omicron variant runs through our state, it is clear the pandemic is not over and voters need safe options for casting their ballot. In previous elections, drop boxes were a critical tool in ensuring everyone could vote safely and securely.

If this ruling survives the appeals process in higher courts, it will especially affect the ability to vote in our most underserved and vulnerable communities including seniors, the disabled, communities of color, and those at risk of serious health consequences due to COVID-19.

Wisconsinites deserve better than this kind of treatment. Voting is the cornerstone of our civil society. We hope that higher courts will see the error of this terrible ruling and reverse it to give Wisconsinites options to exercise their most important right as citizens."

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