Final budget is proof of citizens’ power to create change

Jul 03, 2019

MADISON – The budget that Gov. Tony Evers’ signed into law today represents a significant step in addressing Wisconsin’s water quality crisis, now it is time for action in the legislature.

Executive Director Kerry Schumann had this to say about the budget:

“Everyone deserves clean drinking water. Gov. Tony Evers proved his willingness to take bold, comprehensive action to address Wisconsin’s drinking water crisis when he drafted his budget. It’s disappointing that $40 million to protect children across the state from the devastating effects of lead poisoning was stripped out of the budget. However, the budget signed by Gov. Evers has higher funding for clean water overall than the last several state budgets. We also appreciate the governor vetoing the provision limiting local governments’ ability to protect air and water quality for quarries in their communities.

Wisconsin’s citizens and voters are demanding action on water quality, and the final budget is proof of their power to create change. Now, it’s time to ensure sound policy that will remedy the cuts made by legislators to this budget. This is the year of drinking clean water. It’s time for the legislature to enact policies that will address Wisconsin’s water quality crisis by preventing pollution in the first place. If they continue to do nothing, the cost to our health and our children’s health will be severe.”

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