PFAS ‘poison pill’ bill SB 312 is bad legislation deserving of veto

Feb 26, 2024

MADISON – The PFAS-related bill SB 312 that includes a “poison pill” which would degrade the state’s ability to hold polluters accountable should be vetoed by Gov. Tony Evers. The Joint Finance Committee should release the already approved $125 million.

Government Affairs Manager Peter Burress explained the current situation this way:

“Too many Wisconsinites are facing the serious health-related risks associated with PFAS-poisoned drinking water. Those include increased risk of complications with pregnancy, childhood obesity, learning and behavioral issues, thyroid disease, heart disease, diabetes, and testicular cancer. Wisconsinites impacted by these dangerous chemicals need quick access to financial resources to help ensure the water coming out of their tap is safe to drink.

“Last week, the Assembly passed Senate Bill 312, which would create a new loophole for PFAS polluters, force private well owners to compete for funding with commercial and industrial properties, and provide no guarantee that any of the $125 million passed in the biennial budget would actually be distributed to impacted communities. This is bad legislation that could severely undermine long term PFAS remediation efforts. We urge Gov. Evers to veto it.

“Meanwhile, thanks to Gov. Evers and the hard-working staff at the DNR, we already have a commonsense path for quickly supporting impacted communities – without building a polluter loophole into Wisconsin law. In December 2023, the DNR submitted a formal request to the Joint Finance Committee urging it to release the $125 million in approved funds to fight PFAS statewide. We urge the Joint Finance Committee to release these funds so that the money can get to people who need it.”

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