President Biden visits Wisconsin to tout his bold American Jobs Plan

Jun 29, 2021

MADISON – President Joe Biden is visiting Wisconsin to focus on his American Jobs Plan, particularly how it will serve agriculture and rural communities.

As climate change continues to intensify across the globe, here in Wisconsin we are seeing its devastating effects. Extreme weather is disrupting not only the state’s infrastructure but also its rural economy and those who make it work. Rural Wisconsinites know it’s time to go big and bold on climate action with investments in clean energy and infrastructure, especially when it means the creation of new jobs.

Extreme weather is putting a strain on Wisconsin’s farmers and rural economies, which can hurt the state’s economy:

  • From dangerous floods to droughts to devastating wildfires, rural Wisconsin continues to bear the brunt of climate change and its effects on livelihoods and the state’s economic lifeline.
  • In June, half of Wisconsin is experiencing moderate drought, with Southeastern Wisconsin facing severe drought that could hurt farmers who depend on steady rain for crops.
  • With the rising temperatures, Wisconsin is seeing more dairy cows affected by heat stress, with farmers reporting losses of up to 10 pounds of milk production per cow per day due to extreme heat.
  • In 2018, flooding across southern Wisconsin led to millions of dollars in revenue lost for the Wisconsin economy.
  • With more concerning weather trends, Wisconsin is seeing a surge in bankruptcies in the rural sector. In 2019, Wisconsin had the highest rate of Chapter 12 family farm bankruptcies in the nation.
  • Investing in wind energy and land lease payments can help farmers struggling through tough crop seasons by guaranteeing a steady income. Wind projects alone can generate over $100 million a year to state and local tax revenue.
  • In 2018, the wind sector paid $1 billion to state and local governments and private landowners in tax and lease payments, helping to boost schools, communities, and the infrastructure they rely on.
  • Studies have shown that transitioning to renewable energy could create 162,100 good-paying jobs, providing billions of dollars to boost Wisconsin's rural economy.

A strong majority of Wisconsinites want bold solutions. America’s rural economy runs on Wisconsin’s crops and dairy farms – it’s time to make big investments to champion the workers who support us all. New, good-paying jobs benefit people from all political parties. Wisconsinites overwhelmingly support investing in clean energy jobs that will revitalize the rural landscape.

“Wisconsin needs the American Jobs Plan, and the clean energy investments that come with it, to protect rural and agricultural livelihoods from the devastating effects of climate change,” said Government Affairs Director Jennifer Giegerich. “The American Jobs Plan that President Biden proposed will help to ensure we meet the scale of the crises we face with the big investments needed to build back better – all with justice and equity. We pledge to work with President Biden and our local government champions to ensure Congress supports the reconciliation package and helps Wisconsin communities meet their goals for clean energy.”

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