Gov. Evers leads on adoption of first-ever statewide PFAS protections

Jun 14, 2022

MADISON – Wisconsin Conservation Voters applauds the state’s adoption of PFAS administrative rules. For the first time ever, Wisconsin will have PFAS-specific water standards to protect the health of Wisconsinites. Gov. Tony Evers demonstrated his leadership and dedication to the health of our communities when he began this process to bring drinking water standards to our state.

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a group of highly toxic human-made chemicals resistant to heat, water, and oil. PFAS are linked to many negative health effects, including cancer, thyroid disease, and growth impairment. Often referred to as “forever chemicals,” PFAS do not break down in the environment and are being discovered in an increasing number of communities around Wisconsin. Prior to the adoption of these rules, there were no requirements for testing and cleaning up PFAS pollution.

Wisconsin Conservation Voters’ members and impacted community leaders have worked for more than two years to achieve the clean water protections guaranteed by the PFAS administrative rules. They volunteered hours, signed petitions, showed support at events, and testified at hearings to urge leaders to take this action. These PFAS standards could not have passed without their work.

Kerry Schumann, Executive Director, had this to say about the rules adoption:

“These PFAS administrative rules are a significant step toward making sure all Wisconsinites have access to clean, safe drinking water. Community testing standards will make sure that fewer people in Wisconsin have to worry that the water coming from their taps will make them or their children sick.

Since taking office, Gov. Evers has been a leader on clean water issues. From kickstarting the rulemaking process, to creating the PFAS Coordinating Council, to distributing funds for testing municipal water supplies, the governor has made it his priority to protect the health of people in the state.

Wisconsin will receive historic levels of funding from Pres. Joe Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the single largest water infrastructure investment the federal government has ever made. Over the next five years, Wisconsin will receive $12.8 million per year to remove PFAS contamination from our drinking water. Wisconsin Conservation Voters will work with elected officials to use these new standards and this historic investment to provide clean water for all Wisconsinites.”

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