Wisconsin Conservation Voters releases first round of endorsements for the November 2022 Election

Jun 15, 2022

MADISON – Wisconsin Conservation Voters is proud to announce its first wave of endorsements for the November 8 Election. This round of endorsements focuses on incumbents who have consistently worked to protect the environment and our democracy.

“There’s so much on the line in November,” said Executive Director Kerry Schumann. “Over the past few years, we’ve seen how much our democracy hangs in the balance. We’ve seen increased impacts of climate change and more Wisconsinites living without safe drinking water. Both Gov. Evers and Attorney General Kaul have proven over and over that they will fight for Wisconsin – for our water and air, for our democracy, and much more. We’re proud to endorse the governor and attorney general and this first slate of incumbent legislative candidates who will continue the fight for a brighter, cleaner, more equitable Wisconsin.”

All of these candidates demonstrated leadership on conservation and democracy issues in the last session. Despite challenges to governance presented by an undemocratic, gerrymandered legislature, these candidates continue to push for what Wisconsinites value – protecting our natural resources and our freedom to vote.

“We are proud to support these incumbent candidates,” said Seth Hoffmeister, Deputy Director. “These incumbents are tried and true conservation champions. We identified and endorsed these candidates because these particular offices are critical for keeping our state on track to a brighter, healthier future. Whoever wins these races will determine how – and if – our state invests in cleaner water, cleaner energy, and protecting our freedom to vote. It’s our highest priority – for all of our communities and for our children’s future – to reelect these incumbent candidates.”

Wisconsin Conservation Voters endorses the following candidates for reelection:

Statewide Office:

Tony Evers, Governor

Josh Kaul, Attorney General

State Senate:

Tim Carpenter, District 3

Chris Larson, District 7

Mark Spreitzer, District 15

Dianne Hesselbein, District 27

Jeff Smith, District 31

State Assembly:

Daniel Riemer, District 7

Sylvia Ortiz-Velez, District 8

Robyn Vining, District 14

Evan Goyke, District 18

Christine Sinicki, District 20

Deb Andraca, District 23

Don Vruwink, District 33

Sue Conley, District 44

Jimmy Anderson, District 47

Samba Baldeh, District 48

Lee Snodgrass, District 57

Tip McGuire, District 64

Tod Ohnstad, District 65

Greta Neubauer, District 66

Katrina Shankland, District 71

Francesca Hong, District 76

Shelia Stubbs, District 77

Lisa Subeck, District 78

Dave Considine, District 81

Kristina Shelton, District 90

Jodi Emerson, District 91

Steve Doyle, District 94

Jill Billings, District 95

Future endorsements and other election updates are available on our website here.

For more information

Seth Hoffmeister, Deputy Director, Wisconsin Conservation Voters, 920-249-7400 (office), 715-579-2609 (mobile/text), or seth@conservationvoters.org