Wisconsin Conservation Voters’ Spring Election program its most successful to date

Apr 03, 2024

MADISON – Wisconsin Conservation is proud to announce it had its most successful local elections program ever in the Spring election on Tuesday.

Deputy Director Seth Hoffmeister had this to say on the results:

“Preliminary results suggest that Wisconsin Conservation Voters’ spring election program was its most successful to date.

It also appears Wisconsin Conservation Voters ran the largest and invested the most in local races across the state of any independent organization. Its investment of more than $170,000 was successful in helping elect candidates to local office who will work for clean water, clean energy, and to protect our democracy. We can’t wait to continue working with them on these issues.

Highlights include:

  • Flipping the Green Bay Common Council to a pro-democracy, pro-conservation majority

  • Flipping the Portage County Board to a pro-clean water majority

  • Flipping the Columbia County Board to a pro-clean energy majority

  • Protecting a pro-conservation majority on the Eau Claire County Board

  • Protecting a pro-conservation majority on the La Crosse County Board and preventing the election of a 2020 fake elector

The constitutional amendments that will make it harder for local governments to administer fair and efficient elections unfortunately passed. This power grab by anti-democracy forces is a loss for Wisconsin voters. Now, the fight to fully fund elections will begin so that the ability for everyone in Wisconsin to vote is not hampered by these wrongheaded amendments.”

For more information

Ryan Billingham, Communications Director, Wisconsin Conservation Voters, 608-208-1129 (office), 608-213-6972 (mobile/text), or ryan@conservationvoters.org