Wisconsin Conservation Voters thanks Brown Co. board for commitment to clean energy resolution

Mar 17, 2021

GREEN BAY – Wisconsin Conservation Voters applauds Brown County for their continued commitment to passing the Clean Energy Resolution and ensuring the language supports renewable energy.

In April 2020, Wisconsin Conservation Voters began a campaign to help Brown County become the next local government committed to 100 percent clean energy in northeast Wisconsin. That effort hit a roadblock when the Planning, Development, and Transportation Committee inserted language into the resolution that would have discouraged using wind energy and defined natural gas as clean, despite its greenhouse gas emissions.

That language was removed and a compromise was reached after nearly 200 county residents contacted the county board urging the removal of those statements.

“Despite hitting a road bump or two along the way, we’re really proud of the compromise we were able to reach and where Brown County is headed,” said Casey Hicks, northeast organizer. “Local governments are really the drivers of climate action at the moment. Going forward I think state legislators will be taking cues from local officials as leaders in this movement.”

The resolution commits Brown County to achieving 100 percent clean energy and creates a subcommittee that will be made of local experts, residents, and supervisors to develop a plan to reach that goal.

Amanda Chu, County Supervisor for District 3, had this to say about the resolution:
"There were many interests to balance along the way and I was heartened to see the overwhelming support of a proactive, clean energy initiative in Brown County. The passage of this energy-focused resolution at the County demonstrates a long-term view and desire to utilize one of our greatest assets to meet clean energy goals – our community. The formation of the Energy Committee ensures that there is a committed group who establishes a baseline for energy usage who is prepared to make recommendations for shifts to clean energy consumption at the county."

Mary Radue, a dedicated activist who spent much of 2020 urging Brown County to move to clean energy said, “I am delighted to see Brown County taking a leadership role in the transition to clean energy. This resolution sets a vision for the future and opens the door for other local organizations throughout northeastern Wisconsin and beyond to join Brown County in addressing climate change – the most complex and pressing issue facing humanity.”

Wisconsin Conservation Voters has partnered with local governments to implement clean energy policies since 2018. The work started with the creation of a Sustainability Commission for the City of Green Bay and by assisting Green Bay Area Public School District’s Board of Education draft its own 100 percent clean energy resolution.

Interview Opportunities:
• Casey Hicks, northeast organizer, Wisconsin Conservation Voters, casey@conservationvoters.org
• Amanda Chu, Brown County supervisor, Amanda.chu@browncountywi.gov
• Mary Radue, Brown County resident and activist, mbradue@gmail.com

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