Wisconsin State Journal: Hazardous drinking water found in 42% of southwest Wisconsin wells

Jan 08, 2019

Conservation voters are already aware of the drinking water crisis in Wisconsin. They helped pass improved manure spreading rules that will begin to address some of the manure pollution problems in northeast Wisconsin.

Testing wells and mapping the manure pollution problem in other sensitive areas like southwest Wisconsin has already begun with startling results. Forty-two percent of wells tested there were positive for bacterial and chemical contamination. Now, it's imperative testing continues and the DNR enacts the revised NR 151 rules there, and across the state.

Steve Verburg of the Wisconsin State Journal reports on the this first phase of well testing.

Support clean drinking water.

Recently, 42 percent of wells tested in southwest Wisconsin contained toxic chemicals or bacteria. Support expanding new manure pollution rules and making clean drinking water a priority at the State Capitol.