The 2025-26 Wisconsin State Budget

This summer, our team is traveling the state hosting listening sessions to gather feedback from communities to learn about their concerns and hopes for the future. Our team will be compiling a list of priorities for the governor to include in the 2025-26 Wisconsin State Budget. Everything we do is driven by community input. We'll use what we learn to advocate for the issues Wisconsinites care most about.


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Our staff will compile a list of budget recommendations, approved by the communities we work with, to give to the governor ahead of the 2025-26 state budget. In the spring of 2025, we will host our annual Conservation Lobby Day so people from around the state can speak to their legislators face-to-face about the issues that matter most to them.

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Support PFAS groundwater standards in Wisconsin

PFAS groundwater standards are critical to protecting Wisconsinites who rely on private wells for drinking water. Tell you legislator to support Senate Bill 1022 that would enable groundwater protections to progress.


“Nobody should have to worry if the water they're cooking with is toxic or fear where their children play is poisonous.”

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Cindy Boyle, Peshtigo


Gov. Tony Evers’ Clean Energy Plan constitutes the strongest roadmap to climate justice and clean energy in Wisconsin history. Thanks to Gov. Evers’ leadership and openness to community input, this Clean Energy Plan provides equitable solutions to economic growth and a cleaner way of life for all people here in Wisconsin.

The Clean Energy Plan builds on our ongoing efforts to transition Wisconsin to 100 percent clean energy by 2050. It will aid the local clean energy resolutions we have helped pass in county and city governments across the state. It also invests in clean energy workforce development at home that will lift us all – especially communities most impacted by climate change. The governor laid out a road map for job training programs and estimates that over 40,000 new jobs will be created by 2030. To develop equitable solutions that address the needs of everyone in the state, Gov. Evers gathered input from Tribal Nations, frontline communities, and other groups.

People from across Wisconsin – with conservation voters at the forefront – powered this incredible achievement. They volunteered hundreds of hours, showed support at events, and successfully lobbied elected leaders to make this plan a reality.


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