The 2023-25 Biennial State Budget

On Feb. 15, Gov. Tony Evers laid out his 2023-25 budget proposal including initiatives addressing PFAS and lead contamination in drinking water, clean energy solutions to combat the climate crisis, and improving access to the ballot. His proposal keeps the health and economic wellbeing of Wisconsinites front and center.

Republicans in the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) stripped out our asks for expanding clean energy jobs, improving access to the ballot, and wild rice restoration – even though communities around the state support these initiatives.

But thanks to the pressure put on by conservation voters like you, the JFC voted to allocate $125 million to a trust fund for PFAS and Gov. Evers signed the budget to make it official. This is a huge step to ensuring everyone has safe drinking water, but we still have work to do to make sure we pass the legislation that allows this funding to be spent and distributed to communities equitably and efficiently. We’re committed to continuing conversations with impacted community members, public health partners, and members in the legislature.


Conservation voters across the state have advocated for these issues for years: clean water, clean air, a healthy environment, and a healthy democracy. At Conservation Lobby Day on April 25, we continued that momentum to get our priorities in the state budget.

Let’s be clear – because of your advocacy over years, addressing PFAS contamination in our water is now a top issue for state officials. After years of organizing, they heard you loud and clear: Wisconsinites need clean water.

In her speech about the issue of PFAS at Lobby Day, Town of Campbell Supervisor Lee Donahue said, “Living with toxic water affects the health and safety of every resident. Every time you reach to turn on the tap, to make a bottle of formula, fill your child’s bath tub, brush their teeth, or fill your coffee pot, you are reminded your water is toxic."

Building a powerful and inclusive movement means letting impacted communities lead. We will continue to fight for our priorities and build a movement everyone has access to.

WCV Budget Recommendations


Urge your legislators to oppose SB 312.

Sens. Wimberger, Cowles, and Tomcyzk voted the PFAS bill out of committee with a dangerous poison pill. Tell your legislators to oppose this bill and put impacted people before corporate polluters.


“Nobody should have to worry if the water they're cooking with is toxic or fear where their children play is poisonous.”

advocate. entrepreneur. voter.

Cindy Boyle, Peshtigo


Gov. Tony Evers’ Clean Energy Plan constitutes the strongest roadmap to climate justice and clean energy in Wisconsin history. Thanks to Gov. Evers’ leadership and openness to community input, this Clean Energy Plan provides equitable solutions to economic growth and a cleaner way of life for all people here in Wisconsin.

The Clean Energy Plan builds on our ongoing efforts to transition Wisconsin to 100 percent clean energy by 2050. It will aid the local clean energy resolutions we have helped pass in county and city governments across the state. It also invests in clean energy workforce development at home that will lift us all – especially communities most impacted by climate change. The governor laid out a road map for job training programs and estimates that over 40,000 new jobs will be created by 2030. To develop equitable solutions that address the needs of everyone in the state, Gov. Evers gathered input from Tribal Nations, frontline communities, and other groups.

People from across Wisconsin – with conservation voters at the forefront – powered this incredible achievement. They volunteered hundreds of hours, showed support at events, and successfully lobbied elected leaders to make this plan a reality.


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