Tell the Stevens Point Common Council it's time to act on climate resilience

Climate change is real and worsening each year. As the threats of more extreme weather – heat, flooding, rising energy prices – continue to evolve, the City of Stevens Point must take steps to ensure environmental, social, and economic sustainability for all residents.

In the city's 2017 ten-year report from the “A Path to a Sustainable Point” taskforce recommended the city create a Sustainability Committee and hire a Sustainability Coordinator. These recommendations are critical to ensure our city is resilient to climate change.

By signing this petition I am encouraging the City of Stevens Point Common Council to formally adopt the following recommendations:

  • Create a Sustainability and Clean Energy Committee and hire a Sustainability Coordinator to lead the city's carbon reduction strategies.
  • Commit to achieving 100 percent clean energy and carbon neutrality for Stevens Point including city operation, residents, and businesses by 2040.