Aurora works with tribal leaders, activists, and partners to bring the voice of First Nations communities into Wisconsin Conservation Voters campaigns, and to develop environmental leaders and connect northern communities with policy-making in the State Capitol. Aurora also works to engage Native Americans in the electoral process through our sister organization’s nonpartisan Native Vote program. Her work with Native Vote includes registering voters and educating them about the electoral process.

My story

I was raised on the southern shore of Lake Superior in Bad River. I grew up in woods and water, surrounded by the sound of crickets and toads. The skies were brightly lit with constellations and fireflies. I grew up on dirt roads where I raced to the lake in the summers, and hid from the big lake-effect snows and winds in winter.

I have always cared for and carried concern for the Earth. I was raised to respect our Mother, and to care for her. I love the stories from the elders about how they survived setbacks and created triumphs.

I remember stories of the Walleye Wars, resisting acid and iron mining, the many struggles of Native Americans. I love being able to share our stories – stories of our Creation, of our responsibilities to speak for and care for those who can’t – our children, our elders, the four-leggeds, the water, Mother Earth. This is my story.

It wasn’t until I traveled other parts of the world that I realized what precious beauty we have at home. I love representing, protecting and preserving indigenous, sovereign, environmental, and human rights. To me, they are all intertwined. When you fight for one right, you fight for them all. I am fortunate to have great mentors, opportunities, and the courage to seek knowledge, explore, and speak.


I like traveling, linguistics, art, hiking, beaches, exploring, and the performing arts.

I’m a conservation voter because I was taught that what happens to Mother Earth will have an effect on the human race and, in turn, we will have an effect on her. We cannot survive without her. I was taught to consider the impact of my decisions seven generations ahead.

Favorite place in Wisconsin (and the world): Bad River, Waverly Beach