Board of Directors

Dean Schultz was born and raised on a farm in Oconto Falls, Wisconsin. He grew up knowing the importance of clean water – for his family, for the animals they raised, and for the neighboring farms. He went to college at Carroll College (now Carroll University) in Waukesha. While there he married JoEllyn Sandrin. They have raised two children, Brooke and Angela and have two grandchildren.

Dean attended graduate school at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (while working as a teacher) and received a master’s degree in special education followed by certification as a school administrator. He taught in the area of special education for sixteen years and administered in public schools for twenty.

Dean and JoEllyn live on a property bordered by the Milwaukee River. Their water comes from a well. They treasure Wisconsin’s parks, land trusts, conservancies.

I am a conservation voter for personal and societal reasons. Personally: I need water to exist. Societally: We need water to exist. All other reasons, though important, are secondary. I want to live in a state where public lands abound and are available for public use. I want to live in a state where people are proud of a strong environmental heritage. I want to support elected officials who take conservation seriously. Without apology, I believe the important balance of a strong economy and strong conservation should tilt toward conservation.