As Communications Manager, Erin works closely our staff to implement communications strategies and create content that tells the story of the people Wisconsin Conservation Voters serves. She helps manage various media platforms internally and leads the communications efforts with the Wisconsin Voting Rights Coalition at our 501c3 sister organization Wisconsin Conservation Voices.

My story

With a background in photography and journalism, I am drawn to people’s stories and believe that an understanding of one another is the foundation for change.

My passion for learning new cultures developed early. I was eager to use my camera to show a view of the world from the perspective of the people I photographed. In an early photo project, I walked around downtown Washington D.C. (the area where I grew up) and asked strangers on the street to tell me about their ambitions. Inspired by Bruce Davidson’s photojournalism work in the Bronx, I wanted to learn about people’s lived experiences and give them a voice.

That love for new cultures encouraged my love for travel. I moved to Brooklyn after college and took every chance I could to travel to a new country. The more I saw new places, the more my view of the world developed. As a young adult, I began to see wealth disparities and oppression brought on by generations of systems built to benefit those in power. The people I met during my travels helped me understand ways of life that were very different than the one I had growing up, but they also showed me how similar we are as humans.

I came to understand that in order for people to thrive, we must first have our basic needs met – and everyone should have equal access to basic things like safe drinking water, healthcare, and affordable, healthy food. I fight for those basic rights by telling stories. Since moving to Milwaukee six years ago, I have fallen in love with the diversity and culture, and continue to tell the stories of the communities there.


  • Owner and Founder of Bloodgood Foto LLC, 2015 - present
  • Volunteer with the Urban Ecology Center, 2016 - present
  • Freelance writer for the Shepherd Express (author of the ongoing column Hero of the Week) and other publications, 2018 - present
  • Production Coordinator at Thomas C. Card Photography, 2013 - 2015
  • Graduate of the Ohio State University, cum laude, B.F.A. in Photography and B.A. in German, 2009 - 2013


I take any opportunity I can to be outside, whether that be rock climbing, hiking, camping or mountain biking. On my quieter days, you may find me reading a novel on the couch while cuddling with my dog.

I am a conservation voter because I want all communities and their future generations to have access to a clean healthy environment.

Favorite place in Wisconsin: Devil’s Lake State Park and Petenwell Bluff – the places I learned to climb.