As the Southeast Organizer with Wisconsin Conservation Voters, Ian collaborates with community members, volunteers, activists, and partner organizations in advocating for climate solutions, protecting drinking water, and expanding the freedom to vote at all levels of government.

My story

I have always loved spending time outside, whether it’s a walk, a camping trip, or a silly made-up game with my brother.

Growing up in Wauwatosa – just a bike ride away from Summerfest or a Brewers game – I had plenty of opportunities to enjoy time outdoors, but it was during my time at UW-Milwaukee that I found one of my favorite ways to get fresh air. The first time I ever volunteered to knock on doors was the day before the February primary election – and also a blizzard. Since then, I have knocked on doors for candidates who share my values for elected office all over the Milwaukee area. I have found the experience incredibly rewarding (and fun!). In the months leading up to the November 2022 election, I worked full-time as a canvasser with a local nonprofit, personally knocking on over 5,000 doors in underserved communities of color in Milwaukee.

As we know here in Wisconsin, there is always an incredibly important election just around the corner. This is true on the statewide level, but also the local level. For the spring 2023 election, I worked as the campaign manager for a recently appointed school board member running for a full-term in Wauwatosa. With the intensely local nature of the race, I played a unique role and did a little bit of everything from helping to organize and train volunteers to developing messaging and connecting with voters – something I am incredibly grateful for having the opportunity to do.

I started with Wisconsin Conservation Voters a couple of weeks after celebrating our successful campaign, and I am thrilled to be working in Southeastern Wisconsin on the issues I care about.


  • University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Political Science B.A. with minors in Conservation and Environmental Science, Geography, and History


Some of my favorite things include going to events, especially festivals, baseball games, and concerts. I also love exploring the city (by public bus, bike, or on foot), reading graphic novels of all sorts, and hanging out with my family and our dog, Ayla.

I am a conservation voter because building power at the local level is crucial to addressing large-scale issues like climate change.

Favorite place in Wisconsin: Big Bay Park in Whitefish Bay