I am finishing up my first year at St. Norbert College in De Pere. I am majoring in political science, with intentions to continue on to law school. With my interest in the environment and this internship, I am considering adding a minor or double major in environmental studies. For the past year I have been a lot more aware of the way humans impact the planet, in both good and bad ways. I have taken personal steps to reduce my own impact and have helped a restaurant in my hometown reduce their plastic waste. When I heard about this internship with Wisconsin Conservation Voters I was excited to be able to make my personal efforts larger and have a voice in a great organization. With this internship I hope to build my knowledge about conservation and improve my communications skills and learn about Wisconsin politics.

I’m a conservation voter because we only have one world to live on. The damages the world has suffered since humans have been on it are starting to impact our daily lives. It is important that we make every effort to reverse the damage and prevent it from continuing. I vote for conservation friendly politicians because conservation legislation in Wisconsin is the best way to keep our state healthy.

Favorite place in Wisconsin: Monico. My dad built our family cabin in Monico, a very small town in Oneida County. It is my favorite place to go. We are surrounded by nature and have a small lake out back. So, there is always something to do!