I am a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire pursuing a degree in Environmental Geography. Through my education and passion for the conservation of our Earth’s endangered natural areas and waterways, I am excited to be an intern for Wisconsin Conservation Voters. Through this internship, I will gain important skills on how to better inform, communicate, and most importantly create lasting impactful change for our environment.

Growing up on the urban and rural divide in Ramsey, Minnesota has allowed me to experience the glamour of cities and splendor of natural areas. This dichotomy combined with my affinity towards camping, hiking, skiing, and natural recreation allowed me to grow and realize the significance of protecting natural areas, as well as sustainably developing them.

I’m a conservation voter because I aspire to foster and conserve environments in which future generations will be able to experience the same clean air, water, and land that I was afforded growing up.

Favorite place in Wisconsin: Madeline Island