Board of Directors

Tom Thoresen is retired from 30 years of state service. He spent 26 of those years at the Department of Natural Resources where he retired as the Deputy Chief Conservation Warden. Tom spent 16 years as a DNR Senior Manager and also served as a Field Conservation Warden, Recreational Safety Warden, Environmental Warden and Conservation Warden Supervisor. He is active on a number of issues to help restore Wisconsin’s reputation for clean government. Tom serves on the Dane County Parks Commission and teaches Hunter Education. Tom holds a master’s degree in Public Administration and lives in Fitchburg with his wife Kim and sons Daniel and Douglas.

I am a conservation voter because my working career was dedicated to protecting and enhancing our natural resources so the public can have a healthy environment and safely use and enjoy our natural resources. It is important to pass these resources on to future generations better than we found them. In today's political world of power politics and special interests, it is critical to have a voice that informs voters to shape informed natural resource decision-making.