2020 - Electoral Victory

2020 General Election – the governor's veto protected and local races won

Conservation voters showed up at the ballot box to protect Gov. Tony Ever's veto in the assembly and senate, make Trump a one-term president, and win local races for pro-conservation candidates across Wisconsin. Protecting Gov. Ever's veto was a critical victory in protecting our state from another decade of extreme partisan gerrymandering.

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In 2020 and during a pandemic, conservation voters turned out in record numbers in Wisconsin to elect Joe Biden President and defeat Donald Trump’s toxic, anti-environment agenda. They also helped elect conservation leaders statewide to protect Gov. Evers’ veto – our top electoral goal in 2020 and a step forward for breaking the state’s egregious gerrymander and securing fair maps. Your partnership played an important role in these historic results.

Wisconsin Conservation Voters mounted our largest legislative electoral program ever – to elect pro-conservation leaders and 80 percent of our top-tier candidates. With your support, we picked up two seats in the Assembly, held onto Assembly seats at risk, and protected one seat in the Senate. Overall, of the sixty candidates we endorsed, 63 percent won their races.

This year, democracy was on the ballot. By elevating the importance of retaining Gov. Ever's veto, which will protect against ant-conservation and anti-democracy bills, we made sure that voters knew the stakes of this election and took that knowledge with them to the polls.

Wisconsin Conservation Voters endorsed 60 pro-conservation candidates this election cycle, including eight state senate candidates and 52 state assembly candidates. 63 percent of those candidates won their elections.

We intentionally backed candidates who were committed to democracy and conservation leaders who represented the hunters, anglers, bikers, hikers, farmers, business people, and other diverse groups and individuals in our state. We are proud and excited to have supported these current and future leaders of the state we love and call home.

By the Numbers

We mobilized more voters in more places than ever before:

  • 78,006 calls made to voters in key districts
  • 529 volunteer shifts completed
  • Digital ads reaching tens of thousands of voters
  • 38 winning candidates
  • $830,000 invested in elections
  • $334,000 in digital ads
  • $31,000 in radio
  • $210,000 in direct mail
  • $4,700 in postcards
  • $2,113 in yard signs

Conservation voters turned out and made the difference this Election Day, and our environment and democracy are in better hands because of it. Our team is hard at work getting ready to create a proactive vision for conservation in Wisconsin – to ensure everyone in Wisconsin has access to safe drinking water, clean lakes and rivers, protected public lands, and healthy, thriving communities.