2020 - Electoral Victory

Big wins in the Spring Election and Presidential Primary

With your support, Wisconsin Conservation Voters helped elect Judge Jill Karofsky to a crucial seat on the Wisconsin State Supreme Court. You also helped us win 37 of 46 local races where we endorsed and supported pro-conservation candidates from Brown and Marinette to Lafayette and Eau Claire counties.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a series of court decisions that forced the election to take place, the 2020 Spring Election was, by far, one of the most difficult and challenging Wisconsin has ever faced.

While the ramifications for voters’ health were terrifying, and the implications for our democracy remains uncertain, the outcomes of the elections were overwhelmingly positive and proof that our efforts and the support of dedicated conservation voters like you paid off.

Overall, 81 percent of our endorsed candidates won.

We won because we were able to work quickly and effectively alongside our partners to mobilize an inspired electorate to return their absentee ballots at rates never seen before in Wisconsin. Absentee voting this spring was an incredible 71 percent, compared to just 10 percent in the 2016 Spring Elections and 27 percent in the 2016 Presidential Election.

We won because of you and your support for conservation in Wisconsin. You can check out all of the election wins here.