2020 - Statewide Victory

Clean energy advocates release the Wisconsin Clean Energy Toolkit

State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski, front left, helped launch the Wisconsin Clean Energy Toolkit on March 10.

In March, along with RENEW Wisconsin and Sierra Club of Wisconsin, we launched the Wisconsin Clean Energy Toolkit, a comprehensive guide for local communities on how to embrace clean energy goals and policy.

With the growing concern over climate change, many local communities are hungry to develop clean energy plans. But, they often struggle with how to begin, both from a technical perspective and how to engage their communities. We created the toolkit to give those communities the resources and information they need to make a strong commitment to clean energy.

The toolkit would not be possible without conservation voters like you. All across the state, folks like you are making it clear to their elected representatives that action now on clean energy is not only possible, it’s vital to our future – from a health and environmental perspective and an economic one.