2019 - Statewide Victory

Gov. Tony Evers proclaims 2019 the "Year of Clean Drinking Water"

The Year of Clean Drinking Water

As conservation voters, we understand safe, clean drinking water is fundamental to our state’s health. That’s why it’s been Wisconsin Conservation Voters’ top priority for four years. With his announcement, Gov. Evers made it clear that in 2019, we will make progress toward clean drinking water for all.

Conservation voters have been leading the charge to make safe drinking water a top priority in the Capitol. Gov. Evers was one of the first gubernatorial candidates to take our Conservation Pledge, which asked candidates to commit to clean, safe drinking water for all of us. Nearly immediately after his election, Gov. Evers began to make good on that commitment. The Year of Clean Drinking Water has so far led to other important victories like executive orders that address PFAS contamination, lead, and nitrate in our drinking water.

His proclamation also led Speaker Robin Vos to form a Water Quality Task Force that completed a public hearing tour across the state in Fall of 2019. The task force will now begin to consider solutions to Wisconsin's drinking water crisis. While the Year of Clean Drinking water is a victory, there is a long way to go to fix our water quality troubles. Make sure you let your legislators know that you expect clean, safe drinking water for all Wisconsinites.