2022 - Electoral Victory

Re-electing Governor Tony Evers

We re-elected Gov. Tony Evers and protected his governor's veto in the legislature. The ramifications of this victory are enormous, and mean we will continue to work with Gov. Evers and other elected leaders to reduce our dependence on polluting fossil fuels, invest in safe drinking water protections, and make sure we rebuild an equitable democracy.

Here’s a quick glance at just some of Gov. Evers’ accomplishments:

  • Protecting drinking water by directing resources and starting programs to address PFAS and lead contamination.
  • Leading Wisconsin’s transition to clean energy with his creation of the Clean Energy Plan – which charts our transition to 100 percent clean energy by 2050 while creating thousands of jobs and uplifting communities most harmed by climate change.
  • Protecting our freedom to vote by vetoing every anti-voter bill that made it to his desk.

This victory will protect our environment, our democracy, and bring a commitment to clean energy to the forefront. In other words, this is a really big deal for conservation in Wisconsin and the region.