2012 - Statewide Victory

State Senate strikes down the Open-Pit Mining Bill

Opposing the Open-Pit Mining Bill (AB 426, 2012) was the largest, most aggressive campaign ever mounted by Wisconsin Conservation Voters (then Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters) at that time.

Arguably the worst environmental bill in Wisconsin’s history, the Open-Pit Mining Bill would have rolled back protections for wetlands, groundwater supply, public input opportunities, and more. It even included provisions that could expose Wisconsin families to deadly chemicals like arsenic, lead, and mercury – just for the benefit of one out-of-state mining company.

After a campaign where Wisconsin Conservation Voters generated 13,078 citizen emails, logged over 2300 hours of citizen organizing, and aired a TV ad 1,668 times, the bill was struck down in the Senate with a bi-partisan vote of 17-16.