Wisconsin Clean Energy Toolkit

With our partners, we identified the need for a soup-to-nuts guide to energy policy options in Wisconsin. The toolkit allows communities to think through all of the areas where they can make improvements and ensure they are getting the most return on their investments.

Visit the toolkit website.

Eau Claire is becoming a clean energy leader in Wisconsin.

The toolkit is a resource designed to help guide communities of varying sizes and with differing resources as they consider, craft, and implement clean energy policies, and how to ensure the greatest return on potential clean energy investments.

The Wisconsin Clean Energy Toolkit provides information to help local communities including:

  • How to understand current state policies and regulations that impact energy use in Wisconsin
  • Guidance on how to commit to clean energy
  • How to build support in the community for clean energy policies
  • How to establish a baseline of current energy use in the community, and how to set benchmarks to track progress toward long-range goals
  • Defines equitable carbon reduction strategies that protect vulnerable communities when making the transition to clean energy, and how to ensure all impacted constituencies have a voice at the decision-making table
  • Provides an overview of various financing options available to local governments to pursue clean energy

The City of Green Bay, with the help of Deputy Director Seth Hoffmeister, recently formed a Sustainability Commission. He now leads that commission.

You understand this need better than anyone. With support at other levels of government lagging behind, it’s the communities that you live in, work in, and care about that are taking the lead in the fight against climate change.

This toolkit, which is already receiving praise and attention in the media, would not be possible without conservation voters like you. All across the state, folks like you are making it clear to their elected representatives that action now on clean energy is not only possible, it’s vital to our future – from a health and environmental perspective and an economic one.

We’re deeply grateful to you for helping make the toolkit possible, and thankful for our partners and supporters in this endeavor. We encourage you to share this link with friends and family and your local elected leaders: wicleanenergytoolkit.com

The more communities understand they’re not alone when it comes to taking care of our environment and health – the better.