Your Water

Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters is working to protect your water with the following campaigns:

In Wisconsin, every aspect of our lives is connected to the water. Groundwater provides drinking water for 70% of Wisconsin citizens, supplies water for industries and businesses in 97% of Wisconsin communities(1), sources nearly all crop irrigation, and sustains springs, lakes, and rivers. With drinking water contamination and dried-up streams, Wisconsin is experiencing the consequences of shortsighted water use.

Learn more about Wisconsin’s drinking water crisis:

Each week of the legislative session, Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters takes a position on the conservation issues before the state legislature. To view the water-related issues being considered by legislators and the pro-conservation position, check out the Conservation Notices of the Week.

Learn more about how Wisconsin’s water supports our economy.


  • (1) Gaumnitz, Lisa, et al. “A Growing Thirst for Groundwater,” Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine, June, 2004