Vote Tracker

Welcome to the Conservation Vote Tracker, your source for information on the bills and votes that impact Wisconsin’s air, land, and water.

Passing our outdoor traditions on to our children, being good stewards of our land and lakes — these are values that all Wisconsinites share. But are your legislators making decisions that protect what you love about Wisconsin? Between the constant flurry of activity at the state Capitol and our own busy lives, it can be hard to know the answer to that question.

That’s why we’ve created the Conservation Vote Tracker, a real-time accountability tool that provides you with a complete picture of what conservation issues are in play – and how your legislators are performing.

From committee votes to bill summaries to actions taken by legislators and the Governor, the Conservation Vote Tracker serves as your eyes in the state Capitol. It also provides opportunities for you to weigh-in on the issues that matter most to you when it counts.

All bills recorded in the Conservation Vote Tracker first appear in Conservation Notices of the Week.