Take action against the Line 5 pipeline

Tell the Army Corps: Don't take any shortcuts on the proposed Line 5 pipeline reroute in Wisconsin.

The 70-year-old Line 5 pipeline stretches from Superior, Wisconsin, east through Michigan's Upper Peninsula and the Straits of Mackinac, on to Ontario. It carries nearly 22 million gallons of oil each and every day. The pipeline crosses critical waterways flowing into Lakes Superior, Michigan, and Huron that supply the drinking water for tens of millions of residents in the Great Lakes region.

Enbridge, the pipeline's operator, is seeking permission from the Army Corps of Engineers to reroute a portion of the pipeline around the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Reservation. Approving this reroute would extend the lifespan of this already old and dangerous pipeline and extend the ongoing threat it poses to the Great Lakes.

Tell the Army Corps of Engineers it cannot take any shortcuts and must do the most thorough environmental review possible of the proposed reroute to protect our waterways, communities, and wildlife along the pipeline.

I support decommissioning Line 5 and rejecting any new construction that poses these threats and doubles down on climate change causing fossil fuels.

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