Wisconsin has fair maps!

Feb 19, 2024

Left to right, Executive Director Kerry Schumann, Government Affairs Director Jennifer Giegerich, Gov. Tony Evers, Civic Engagement Director Anjali Bhasin, and Government Affairs Manager Peter Burress at this morning's new maps signing.

It’s a beautiful, sunny day in Wisconsin. The light is shining. A new, brighter season is approaching. It’s a fitting scene for what happened here this morning. Gov. Tony Evers signed new, fair voting maps into law today!

That light and that brighter season isn’t just spring coming to us. It’s the dawn of a new Wisconsin. Your vote, your work, and your generosity made this victory possible. And what a victory it is – we have fair maps, friends.

And, as with so many profound victories – now we have work to do. But, before I get to that.

Under the Walker era gerrymander, we’ve been struggling with contaminated drinking water for years. Our freedom to vote is under constant bombardment. Climate change is having dire effects. From policy to protect kids from lead poisoning to distributing funding to fight PFAS to making it easier for people to vote, rather than harder – the gerrymander allowed the GOP-controlled legislature to bury its head in the sand on all of these issues – issues that Wisconsinites really do care about, even across political affiliations. Gov. Evers’ pen is ushering in the end of that era, and a bright new beginning for Wisconsin.

Yes, it is a new day in Wisconsin! Our day. The state’s true political shades can now come into better focus. The current gerrymandered legislature will now face the power of a robust democracy – accountability, competition, the freedom to choose our own representatives in state government. And much more.

Back to that work thing, though. With new maps in place, we have important work to do – literally starting right now. We forged a path, now we must walk that path and win. Your generous gifts will help to recruit candidates, educate voters about important opportunities to protect the environment through legislative action, and elect legislators who will take action on our issues. This is a moment packed with potential, and you can help unleash it.

Make a gift today so we can make the most of this opportunity – starting today.

Let’s take a moment together. All of us. Take a deep breath. You have my deepest gratitude. I’m celebrating 20 years as the leader of this organization, and you make this work worth it. Working arm-in-arm with you to protect the Wisconsin we love is a privilege and an honor. Please, take a moment today or tomorrow. Soak in that light! But, remember, there’s no time to rest on our laurels. Now, we get to work. Now, we truly win back Wisconsin. We fight climate change, protect clean water, expand our democracy, and deliver a bright future for generations to come. I firmly believe that, together, we can achieve anything.