Clean Economy Coalition of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Conservation Voters celebrate anniversary of Inflation Reduction Act

Aug 15, 2023

The Clean Economy Coalition of Wisconsin affirms the state’s unique position to scale up new clean energy projects due to federal investments from the Inflation Reduction Act.

  • President Biden recognizes Milwaukee-based manufacturer Ingeteam for its success leveraging IRA funds.
  • In its first year, the IRA has enabled clean energy projects in Wisconsin spurring $445 million in statewide investment and created more than 500 good-paying clean energy jobs.
  • IRA investments in Wisconsin position it as a solar and EV manufacturing hub, ranking the state ninth in the nation for new solar energy investments.

MILWAUKEE – The Clean Economy Coalition of Wisconsin (CECW) is marking the first anniversary of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), the first major piece of legislation passed by Congress to address climate change. This landmark legislation has set in motion a number of advancements across the state, accelerating the state’s transition to a clean energy economy.

The IRA has been transformative for Wisconsin’s businesses, workers and residents, having already spurred $445 million in investments and moving forward more than 500 clean energy jobs. Investments from the IRA have led private sector companies to bring new technology to the state and invest in Wisconsin’s workforce, while also accelerating the transition to clean energy sources that will help reduce pollution, lower energy costs and support the health of Wisconsin residents.

Thanks to bold federal leadership, Wisconsin is in a unique position to advance our clean energy future through federal investments from the IRA. According to the Department of Energy, the IRA will invest an estimated $4 billion in large-scale clean power generation and storage in Wisconsin between now and 2030. The IRA will empower the state to update the electrical grid, create good-paying jobs and expand job training, providing incentives that reduce the cost of clean energy technologies and accelerate the transition to clean energy sources.

“I am thrilled that Ingeteam is continuing our long and proud 'Made in Wisconsin' manufacturing tradition, building the products we need to support the renewable energy future, helping take action on climate change, and creating hundreds of good-paying jobs here in the Badger State,” said Senator Baldwin. “I voted for the Inflation Reduction Act to lower costs for Wisconsin families, grow our clean energy economy, and create economic opportunity, and I am proud to see it delivering results. Over the past year, we’ve been able to take bold steps to reduce pollution, boost production of Wisconsin-made technologies and products, and grow our economy.”

Over the past year, the Inflation Reduction Act has been the driving force behind a series of accomplishments and milestones that have positively impacted the clean economy landscape in Wisconsin, including those made by Milwaukee-based manufacturer Ingeteam. This spring, Ingeteam announced it hopes to add up to one hundred new jobs as it expands its Milwaukee production capabilities to meet global demand for EV charging stations – an advancement made possible by federal IRA funding and celebrated Tuesday by a visit from President Biden.

“We are proud to support this administration’s goals to combat the climate crisis by expanding our role in the American supply chain and supporting Wisconsin’s transition to a clean economy,” said Jesus Rodriguez, Executive Vice President of Ingeteam EV Chargers USA. “This significant investment in the nation’s renewable energy infrastructure has allowed us to bring technology from our R&D centers and manufacturing facilities in Spain to the USA in order to produce a maximum capacity of up to 13,000 EV chargers per year that will be Buy America compliant under the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) requirements for domestic manufacturing.”

Annual Accomplishments: The Impact of the IRA in Wisconsin

The largest U.S. investment in clean energy and climate in history, the IRA has provided $369 billion in climate and clean energy investments, which will continue to shape our economy for decades to come. In Wisconsin, significant milestones in the past year include:

State-wide investments in innovation and technology: New clean energy projects have spurred $445 million in investments.

Accelerating job market growth: Since the Inflation Reduction Act was signed into law, it’s created and moved forward over 500 good-paying jobs in the state, adding to the more than 70,000 clean energy jobs across the state as of 2022. Jobs include roles in renewable electricity generation, energy storage, energy efficiency, and clean vehicles.

Positioning Wisconsin as a solar and EV manufacturing hub: Wisconsin ranks 9th in the nation for new solar energy investments. In the past year, Alliant Energy shared plans to invest $345 million to add utility-scale battery storage systems to its solar energy farms in Wood and Grant Counties, and ABB announced a $100 million investment to build electric drive units for EVs in New Berlin, creating 100 new jobs.

The success of the IRA serves as a testament to the power of collaboration between government, industry, and communities. Wisconsin is well positioned to take advantage of the creation of clean energy jobs, while lowering energy costs for families, investing in disadvantaged communities, and reducing climate pollution across the state.

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