New PFAS legislation would allow critical PFAS groundwater standards to progress

Feb 07, 2024

MADISON –Today Sen. Brad Pfaff and Rep. Jill Billings introduced LRB 5764. The legislation would exempt PFAS groundwater standards from the 2017 REINS act, an overreaching Walker-era policy that recently blocked the DNR’s ability to set those standards, until the legislature authorizes the process to continue.

Government Affairs Manager Peter Burress had this to say on today’s development:

“While we wait for the Republican-controlled Joint Finance Committee to release the $125 million for PFAS remediation, we must also focus on establishing groundwater standards for PFAS. A third of Wisconsinites rely on private wells for their drinking water. Those who do are at risk of suffering the dire effects of these forever chemicals. Those include cancer, decreased fertility, liver damage, learning and behavioral deficits in kids, and increased cholesterol levels – among others.

LRB 5764 would allow the DNR to continue their work establishing PFAS groundwater standards to protect the thousands of Wisconsinites who rely on wells for drinking water. It would stop the cruel and unnecessary REINS Act from blocking common sense protections against PFAS.

Sen. Pfaff and Rep. Billings are doing the right thing for their constituents and Wisconsin while Republicans in the legislature stand silent and do nothing as people continue to be poisoned through no fault of their own. It’s critical we pass this legislation. The consequences of PFAS pollution are far too important to be ignored.”

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