Board of Directors

Bryan Rogers currently serves as the director of environmental justice for Walnut Way Conservation Corp. and leads their Environmental Justice & Infrastructure Initiative.

As a former Witness for Peace Honduras Program Coordinator, Bryan has facilitated dozens of delegations across Latin America and the Caribbean, strengthening cross-border solidarity networks between social movements throughout the hemisphere.

His nearly two decades of work as an educator, organizer, writer, and musician has taken him into the heart of a grassroots student movement in Chile; black liberation struggles in Salvador, Brazil; land reclamation and reparations projects led by black indigenous Garifuna in Honduras; anti-drug war and anti-militarization caravans through Central America; and managing a sheriff’s campaign for a queer black feminist running on a socialist platform.

Bryan holds a master’s degree in Sustainable Peacebuilding and bachelor's degree in Spanish/Portuguese and Latin American, Caribbean, US Latinx Studies from UW-Milwaukee and studied jazz piano at Columbia College. He lives on the east side of Milwaukee with one loving spouse and three lively children.

I'm a conservation voter because I recognize the interconnectedness of all life and am deeply committed to the power of nonviolence.