Board of Directors

Born in Canada, Helen has lived and raised her family in Madison since 2001. An enthusiastic champion for vibrant communities and resilient ecosystems, Helen brings over 20 years of leadership in protecting and promoting freshwater and sustainable farming in Wisconsin. Helen spent 15 years as river restoration director and, later, policy director with the River Alliance of Wisconsin – always centering local voices to advocate for change whether it be dam removal or groundwater pumping legislation or any of the many water issues our state faces.

At the helm of REAP food Group, she focused on supporting, through direct programs and advocacy, sustainable family farms and building the human and infrastructure connections between local farmers and anchor institutions to bring healthy local food to schools, colleges and hospitals in southern Wisconsin. When not at work, you’ll find Helen most often on a bike, on her skis, or trying to jump into whatever body of water is nearest to her, no matter how cold it gets.

I am a conservation voter because I’ve come to realize that my individual actions, while important, will only go so far. But when we organize together for bigger and more lasting change, anything is possible. I’m giving my time and resources to Wisconsin Conservation Voters because I’m deeply driven by the belief, to paraphrase Theodore Roosevelt, that it’s not the critic who counts, but the person who gets into the arena, who strives valiantly. I want to be a part of creating the resilient and wondrous world I want to leave for future generations, not just wish it was so.