SB 860 & AB 887 : Expediting Lead Pipe Removal

Bill Description

Elevated lead levels in children's blood can lead to brain damage, reduced IQs, and behavioral problems. To protect Wisconsin communities from the dangers of lead poisoning and ensure compliance with new proposed rules from the Environmental Protection Agency, we need to remove all lead pipes within 10 years. SB 860 & AB 887 would increase the bonding authority for Wisconsin’s Safe Drinking Water Loan Program to help ensure more Wisconsin communities can quickly access the resources they need to expedite lead pipe removal.

Current Status

SB 860 was introduced on December 26, 2023, and referred to the Senate Committee on Government Operations. It is available to be scheduled for a public hearing. AB 887 was introduced on January 2, 2024, and referred to the Assembly Committee on Energy and Utilities. It is available to be scheduled for a public hearing.

Ask you legislators to support SB 860 & AB 887.

Committee History

Committee Status
Senate Committee on Government Operations Awaiting Action
Assembly Committee on Energy and Utilities Awaiting Action

Full Vote Data

Assembly: Awaiting Action

Senate: Awaiting Action