Be part of the solution with President Biden's Affordable Clean Energy Plan

Saving money today while building a clean energy tomorrow

We all want to do our part to protect the environment, and now we can, thanks to the largest investment in clean energy in U.S. history. President Biden’s Affordable Clean Energy Plan allows consumers to make major home purchases – things like solar panels, electric appliances, energy efficiency measures, and much more – with major cost savings.

With the help of these federal investments, we can all be part of the solution.

Benefits available now

Whether you want to make home upgrades now or save for major projects down the road, for the next ten years, you can save money on things like solar panels, battery storage, electric appliances, energy efficiency measures, and so much more.

Want to save some money?

Use this handy calculator from Rewiring America to find out the savings available to you through the President Biden Affordable Clean Energy Plan.

See your savings!

Benefits available

Find a certified trade ally near you to assist with these benefits! Open the search filters to find the service you’re looking for.

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Schedule a home energy audit today

Not sure where to start? A trained, licensed professional will come to your home to assess your current energy use and identify measures that can make your home more energy efficient. You can get a $150 tax credit for an audit completed in the next ten years. That’s roughly 30 percent of the total cost! Click below to schedule an audit today:

Renter benefits

Order a Free Energy-Saving Pack from Focus on Energy: Available items include LED bulbs, high-efficiency shower heads, water saving faucet aerators, and more. Order your kit here today.

Landlord resources

Are you a landlord? All of these benefits are available to you too. Keep your costs low for you and your tenants, and make your properties the place to be for living a clean energy lifestyle.

  • Efficiency Navigator through Sustain Dane and Elevate: The Efficiency Navigator program helps small to medium-sized multifamily housing become more efficient, affordable, and resilient. The program offers complimentary building efficiency assessments to identify energy, water, and solar opportunities and gives owners step-by-step technical support to navigate efficiency programs, incentives, and contractors. This program is eligible to renter-occupied buildings with rents affordable to residents at or below 80% AMI.

Benefits for Madison residents

MadiSUN - managed by RENEW Wisconsin (open to anyone)

MadiSUN is the City of Madison’s initiative to expand solar energy. MadiSUN’s group purchase program brings together households from across Dane County and uses their collective buying power to get a great deal on rooftop solar. Participants are eligible for incentives and financing to lower their costs. Learn more:

Home Repair Loan – Project Home (only low-income residents eligible)

The City of Madison provides a number of rehabilitation programs to support homeowners. This includes low-cost minor and major home repairs as well as no-cost weatherization programs. Financing options may differ depending on the improvement needs of the home and is for income eligible Madison homeowners. Learn more:

Home Water Conservation Program – Water Utility (open to anyone)

Project Home and Madison Water Utility have teamed up to create the first water conservation program in Wisconsin aimed at helping low-to-moderate income homeowners reduce water waste, increase efficiency and save money on their water bills. The Home Water Conservation Program will focus on:

installing high-efficiency toilets, fixing plumbing leaks, installing water saving devices all of which can thousands of gallons of water a year. Learn more:

MadCap – Water Utility (only available to low-income households, at or below 50% AMI)

City of Madison's Customer Assistance Program (MadCAP) assists lower-income customers with credits, or discounts, to their Municipal Services bill. Eligible households will receive either a $20 or $30 monthly bill credit or discount. Learn more:

More benefits coming soon!

This is just the beginning! In 2024, even more savings will be available. Lower and moderate income families can receive up to $14,000 in upfront savings on clean energy upgrades for your home or apartment.

We can do (and save) so much in the next ten years: Between the already available tax credits, and the upfront discounts coming soon, we can transform our daily lives while building a clean energy future over the next decade. Keep track of your progress and goals with the homeowner checklist and the renter checklist.

The Affordable Clean Energy Plan is sparking the economy.

Click this link to ask any questions you may have about President Biden's Affordable Clean Energy Plan.

Click this link to ask any questions you may have about President Biden's Clean Energy Plan. Someone will contact you shortly and connect you with the resources you need to find the answers you're looking for!

Resources and links

If you want to learn even more about how President Biden's Affordable Clean Energy Plan can help you, your community, tribal government, school, or business, check out these links:


“The most rewarding moments of canvassing are when folks realize they can afford home updates because of Biden’s Clean Energy Plan.”

forester. creative. voter.

Ian Vierck, Madison

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