2023 - Electoral Victory

The 2023 Spring Election

The April 2023 election was a major victory for voters in Wisconsin.

Justice-elect Protasiewicz will finally return balance and fairness to the state’s highest court – elements missing from the court for more than a decade. With a new court majority focused on the rule of law and the rejection of corporate influence over its decisions, Wisconsin can now begin to rebuild.

Wisconsin Conservation Voters IEC invested more than $1.5 million to make sure that on April 4, Wisconsin continued to move forward. This program ensures that democracy and the environment are the real winners. Here’s how Wisconsin Conservation Voters IEC did that:

  • Knocking on nearly 150,000 doors of voters in Dane, Milwaukee, Waukesha, Washington, Ozaukee, and Portage Counties, including 44,000 doors in the crucial 8th Senate District;
  • Nearly 10,000 handwritten postcards to voters written by more than 130 volunteers;
  • Two pieces of direct mail to voters in Senate District 8;
  • Two pieces of direct mail and three weeks of digital ads to voters in Green Bay;
  • 3,000 phone calls to voters in local elections, where elections are often decided by a handful of votes;
  • 15,000 text messages to conservation voters ahead of the February primary, helping achieve the record turnout of that election.

Check out our entire list of endorsed candidates and who won office here.