2023 - Statewide Victory

$125 million for fighting PFAS

In May, the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) voted to allocate $125 million to a trust fund for PFAS, the harmful human-made chemicals that have been found in over 70 Wisconsin communities. These chemicals are tied to serious health impacts including increased risk of complications with pregnancy, childhood obesity, learning and behavioral issues, thyroid disease, heart disease, diabetes, and testicular cancer.

Wisconsin residents came together across the state to fight for safe drinking water. For years, impacted Wisconsinites and conservation voters have been calling for substantive action on PFAS.

There is work yet to be done, however. It's time to ensure we pass legislation that allows this funding to be spent and distributed to communities equitably and efficiently. We’re committed to continuing conversations with impacted community members, public health partners, and members in the legislature.