2018 - Local Victory

Eau Claire County Board passes clean water ordinance

In 2018, the Eau Claire County Board passed a six-month moratorium on new and modified CAFO permits and created a diverse study committee of stakeholders, including several Wisconsin Conservation Voters members and staff.

The study committee met for six months to discuss changes to local ordinances that protect groundwater, a vital source of drinking water for many Eau Claire residents, from agricultural operations.

The committee made recommendations that included adoption of the NR151 manure spreading rules that gives local enforcement power to the Eau Claire County Conservationist. The County Board adopted the recommendations of the study committee and passed the change of ordinance unanimously.

Wisconsin Conservation Voters formed an action team that worked to make this happen from start to finish. The team worked directly with county staff on the early water protection ideas, turned out community members to support the moratorium and creation of the study committee, served on the study committee, and showed support for the final changes in the ordinance.

The Wisconsin Conservation Voters’ action team showed how people power can generate real change on the local level and protect our drinking water.