A fresh look and name for a new day in conservation for Wisconsin

January 15, 2019

By: Ryan Billingham

It’s a fresh start for Wisconsin’s environment and a fresh start for one of its leading conservation organizations. Today, Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters is Wisconsin Conservation Voters.


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's "Burned" investigation

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's "Burned" investigation exposed a series of problems that put workers at risk and endangered residents living near the barrel refurbishing plants in St. Francis, Milwaukee, and Oak Creek.


Chicago Tribune: Federal climate change report paints grim picture for Midwest

The Chicago Tribune's Tony Briscoe reports on the threats to agriculture that global warming poses. And they are dire.


Wisconsin State Journal: Hazardous drinking water found in 42% of southwest Wisconsin wells

Steven Verburg reports on the shocking (but not unexpected) preliminary results of water quality testing in southwest Wisconsin.


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Group challenges EPA's bid to give factory-rich Sheboygan County reprieve on air quality

Sheboygan County has some of the dirtiest air in Wisconsin, and for years it has failed to meet federal air pollution standards. Now, the EPA is proposing to give the county a second, one-year extension to try to comply with the law and keep emissions down.


Conservation voters issue statement on lame duck bills

Rather than accept the will of the people, in a lame duck session top Republicans will attempt to undermine Wisconsin’s democracy with a series of unprecedented and radical bills meant to sabotage the state’s duly elected new leaders.