On the local level

Organizing Director Casey Hicks joins Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich to speak about clean energy.

We know that climate change is felt locally and that it needs to be addressed locally. We can not completely rely on the state and federal government for action.

Our Clean Energy for All campaign targets the local level and works with climate champions there to commit to clean energy legislation and create opportunities to advance their climate agendas. We work with school districts, universities, city and county governments, and other local stakeholders to build the clean energy economy in Wisconsin.

Current campaigns

Stevens Point Clean Energy Campaign

Wisconsin Conservation Voters just launched our new clean energy campaign in 2023. We're hard at work organizing community members and local elected officials to create a Sustainability Committee and hire a Sustainability Coordinator for the city.

We are asking leaders to:

  • Create a Sustainability and Clean Energy Committee and hire a Sustainability Coordinator to lead the city's carbon reduction strategies.
  • Commit to achieving 100 percent clean energy and carbon neutrality for Stevens Point including city operation, residents, and bsinesses by 2040.

If you live in Stevens Point, sign this petition to encourage the common council to formally adopt the recommendations.

Contact us at info@conservationvoters.org for help starting a campaign for 100 percent clean energy by 2050 in your community!